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"Write Mom in the City" chronicles one Columbus mom's quest for work/life balance, stain-free shirts, and an Eco-friendly lifestyle with all kinds of hijinks.
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Client: I’m looking for VERY edgy photos for my wedding. Should be an all day job, with 6 hours of posed photos with the wedding party. I’ll need a DVD of all of the edited photos in high resolution and you will be compensated $150. I may also be willing to let you do a ‘Trash the Dress’ shoot…

Mom! Dad! Gabrielle keeps whispering “Spaghetti, spaghetti” and I can’t concentrate.

So the kids were playing “Santa Clause.” Poor Davie. (Taken with instagram)

This is what I see peeking over the counter while I make lunch. (Taken with instagram)

Ok folks, I got a new toy. A friend offered me a free trial of Grammarly proofreading software. I thought it would be as useful as the grammar check tool on Microsoft Word which isn’t much help at all.

It turns out, Grammarly is really a nice tool to have in your writing arsenal.

The program is easy to use and web-based, though you can download a desktop version if you choose. To use, just copy your freshly birthed article into the tool and hit “Start Review.”

Within a few seconds the program has scanned your document and located any number of grammar issues. What I like is the program has helped me spot and modify a few bad habits I have and I have turned in cleaner, tighter copy as a result.

Give it a shot, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Ajax-marketing the obvious. “Washes Away Bacteria From Hands” and “45% More vs Competitors’ 11oz” it’s a 16oz bottle! (Taken with instagram)

There’s the fan. The casual observer who dons a t-shirt when things are going well. The kind of person who plans an event on a Saturday between Late August & November and throw on a fuzzy, analog TV.

Those who bleed scarlet & gray have not simple memorabilia, they have memories. These are people who when the wagon wheel breaks, when losses pour in, climb down from the bandwagon, pick up the broken side and walk on - the load made lighter by fair-weathers who find a new ride.

Don’t bother with the TV, we ain’t comin’ ‘til the game’s over anyway.

When you bleed scarlet & gray, your heart beats in time with Carmen Ohio - slow and true.

In this world, for a few short weeks, teenagers become gladiators. They are all our sons and daughters.

True Buckeyes root for all.

We are protective, clannish and loud. We are also loyal, giving and real.

We take OSU in our hearts to the blood bank, to the soup kitchen, to the volunteer center. To the grave.

Play Amazing Grace for my family, play Carmen Ohio for me.

Some say football is a religion.

Buckeyes who follow a faith find that faith is stronger because of their OSU embrace. Lessons of life revealed in wins and losses. Common ground found between believers and unbelievers.

The Buckeye nation knows no one religion, school of thought, race, gender or socio-economic standing. Unlike politicians we put our issues aside for one collective goal - a win.

No wine & cheese at our tailgate. Just beer & brats.

We are warriors, winners.

I bleed Scarlet & Gray. Do you?

So what is it? If the egg sinks it’s bad, or a witch or what?!
Cooking with Terreece
I’m trying to get this Yankee to walk down the stairs!
Gabrielle playing with her Slinky.

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